I have alcohol running through my veins!!!!

Literally...well, ok not really. But I do get alcohol injections about once a month (and not the "fun" kind!)

I have a facial Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and am receiving ethyl alcohol embolizations with Dr. Wayne Yakes in Denver.

So while the alcohol isn't actually running through my veins (that would be really bad) it is being injected into them to destroy the AVM vessels and eventually provide a cure!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trip #8 down!

Just got back from Denver and have now completed 8 trips. So I'm well on my way to being AVM free. The trip went well and I'm feeling strong. Just a minor amount of swelling this time, but lots more "hard" area's in my cheek. It is probably the weirdest part of this treatment...to end up with hard areas. And then those areas sorta stay looking swollen. But whatever, I seriously could care less about that and it will eventually all go away with plastic reconstruction.

I've updated my website with Trip #8's report and all the details including my H3 experience, and Dr. Reeds fun venture into Showbiz!!! Yes, he really is going to be on TV and I'm ready to give him a full report on my next trip in October!

Again, a super huge thanks to Jenn Astwood for letting us stay at her Condo, and to Herdis for meeting us for the key exchange!

My lip is now totally healed! Yay! Just a little unstable, but no more wound. It is so nice to be able to actually put some chapstick on and rub my lips together like a normal person! Not to mention Josh can finally kiss me again! :) I guess that should have been the first thing I listed... :)

Thanks for checking in and reading my blog and website. I really do appreciate all of the support.

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Connie said...

Hi, KIssable Shalon! You and Josh must be VERY happy! lol

Love, Connie