I have alcohol running through my veins!!!!

Literally...well, ok not really. But I do get alcohol injections about once a month (and not the "fun" kind!)

I have a facial Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and am receiving ethyl alcohol embolizations with Dr. Wayne Yakes in Denver.

So while the alcohol isn't actually running through my veins (that would be really bad) it is being injected into them to destroy the AVM vessels and eventually provide a cure!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another AVM survivor

I got an email this morning from Donna, a woman whom I have been emailing with who has a brain AVM. When we first began talking, she was having embolizations for the AVM and was in alot of pain from severe headaches and other side effects. She ended up needing to have surgery instead of continuing with the embo's because her AVM was causing heart problems.

I continue to be amazed with the different symptoms and side effects of these things. Donna's arteries were so enlarged that when she swallowed, a nerve was being constricted causing her to become lightheaded to the point of blackouts! It also would cause her heart rate to drop drastically and then her heart was working overtime to catch up! Crazyness!!!

Anyways, the surgery was a success and she can now claim to be an AVM Survivor! She still has the road to recovery and will need some therapy, but feels like the worst is behind her.

Such wonderful news and I couldn't be happier to be a small part of her experience and to be able to share in her joy! Please keep Donna in your thoughts and send her some good healing vibes!

Being able to make contact with all of the wonderful AVMer's has been a surprising benefit to such an ugly medical issue. I never anticipated that I would experience such joy and happiness from anything related to this AVM. But I am glad that I have the opportunity!


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The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

I'm glad you have found support in this challenge - I can only imagine the strength you've found in others who understand. Thank you for sharing & allowing the rest of us (non AVMers) an opportunity to be strengthened by the courage of you & your AVM friends. I love you!