I have alcohol running through my veins!!!!

Literally...well, ok not really. But I do get alcohol injections about once a month (and not the "fun" kind!)

I have a facial Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and am receiving ethyl alcohol embolizations with Dr. Wayne Yakes in Denver.

So while the alcohol isn't actually running through my veins (that would be really bad) it is being injected into them to destroy the AVM vessels and eventually provide a cure!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip #10...not my favorite!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting an update. This has been one of my harder recoveries and I just haven't really felt up to typing a posting. I'll update my trip report soon, cause the trip was a pretty good one...just the recovery sucks.

I'm pretty swollen this time. The first night my throat swelled up so much that I couldn't even swallow my pills. My sister had to crush up my Prednisone & Vicodin and put into water for me to drink. New plan-no water, add to juice!!! It was seriously grody and I didn't think I was going to be able to drink it! But I'm a trooper and got it down. Luckily, my throat is almost back to normal. Although I still have very little voice...I'm all raspy...

My face is still very swollen, including the area by my temple. And my ear is totally plugged up and driving me crazy. I've also had some bleeding, both from my gums (which was already happening pre-treatment and is really just some oozing although it seems to be more than before Friday.) I have an area inside my mouth where the wound used to be that now looks like a little blood blister. And ya, been having ugly arterial bleeding from that. No fun... I stayed home from work today and don't see being able to go in tomorrow either. I'm just a miserable little girl at the moment :(

But I think the treatment went well and I have just been spoiled because the last few have gone so well. Gave me a false sense of this being an "easy" journey. How quickly I forgot the sucky part! But how lucky for me to have had the opportunity to forget the sucky part!!!

So sorry for the sad little posting, I'll be better soon, update my trip report, and be back here with a much better blog posting!!

As always, thanks for the support and well wishes. It means the world to us!


Connie said...

Hang in there, Shalon. I'm sorry that you're feeling so rotten!

Love, Connie

Joy said...

Okay, Shalon, You are totally justified in feeling sad sometimes. It is a natural and healthy response to the trials you are having and honestly I really think it helps in your recovery to just feel those feelings and say them. Acknowledging grief is a really good thing and you don't need to apologize for feeling sad. It doesn't mean you aren't thankful for all the GOOD stuff in your life, it just means that the difficulty of the situation just takes over and that's okay!!! We know you are a positive person the other 99% of the time!
This treatment must be so difficult-before, during AND after, and you are doing an amazing job so give yourself some credit.
I am a dental hygienist so I'm so concerned about your bleeding in your mouth. I hope it is not also sore. It must taste awful too.
Just like everyone else, I wish I could make this easier for you.
Let us know how tomorrow is. XO
Joy from AVM Survivors Group