I have alcohol running through my veins!!!!

Literally...well, ok not really. But I do get alcohol injections about once a month (and not the "fun" kind!)

I have a facial Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and am receiving ethyl alcohol embolizations with Dr. Wayne Yakes in Denver.

So while the alcohol isn't actually running through my veins (that would be really bad) it is being injected into them to destroy the AVM vessels and eventually provide a cure!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Angiogram screen shots

I updated my picture link with new screen shots of the Angiograms for each of my AVM treatment's through July.

Totally weird and it looks like the metal coils are just "floating" in my face. But really that is the big "tangle of spaghetti noodles" that is the AVM and the coils are all smushed into them!

June's treatment is like inverted with the dark/light stuff. Kinda fun compared to the others...

I actually have the entire series of pictures which shows the dye going into the vessels and progressing through. But I'm not exactly sure how to get that into a "movie" that you can see. Anyone with technical expertise that wants to help me??? I only pretend to know what I'm doing. ;)

And a bunch of the coils are made of platinum...maybe when this is all done I can melt it down and make a keepsake bracelet!!! Would that be weird?


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